Service to Others

The Mobile Health Fair Ministry through the Synod of the Covenant travels with six people who are trained in specific medical screenings such as glucose, vision, hearing, pulmonary function, blood pressure, basic skin screen, and basic dental. The van is stocked with over 26 educational displays, pamphlets and hands-on materials and taken to our migrant education summer programs located throughout Northwest Ohio. Migrant children who participate in the health fair screenings have an exit interview where they are seen by a physician and referred, if necessary, for free dental and/or vision care. As a result, many of the migrant children with impaired vision will get a free pair of glasses. And those with urgent dental problems are bussed to a local dentist. These services are not limited just the children who attend the summer migrant education programs. Their parents are also invited to participate and will receive the same vision and dental follow up services as their children.

To learn more about the Synod of the Covenant, visit them at

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2018 Health Fair Schedule

June 26, Willard - Willard Elementary (9am-2pm)

June 27, Putnam County - Miller City Elementary (9am-3pm)

June 28, Region VI - Delta Elementary (9am-2pm) & (2pm-5pm)

June 29, Old Fort - Old Fort Elementary (9am-2pm) & (2pm-5pm)

July 2, Marlington - Marlboro Elementary (9am-2pm)

July 5, Fremont - Otis Elementary (9am-2pm) & (3pm-6pm)

July 6, Woodmore - Woodmore High School (9am-1pm) & (3pm-6pm)  

July 14, Buurma Farm (9am-2pm)

August 3, Old Fort - Old Fort Elementary (9am-2pm)